Ricky: Getting Used to Eccles and Me

We had just gotten Ricky from an adoption center at a local PetSmart, a while after our loss of Rocky, our old Fluffy-Man, still with the hideous name of Villhelm. Totally inappropriate, we thought, for a Maine coon, so we renamed him, and updated his papers accordingly, after a Maine coon that an uncle of mine had once owned.

Ricky’s namesake was known in the family for only allowing yours truly to pick him up and hold him. Only me.

The new Ricky wasn’t quite so generous, and was extremely skittish on arriving here in his cat-carrier, for the first few weeks spending much of his time hiding from everyone, first behind the living room sofa, and then for a few nights, behind the pull-out drawer under the kitchen range.

We found him though, and in time he took up residence, after deciding he liked Eccles and me, in my bedroom closet, were he sometimes hides behind clothes on hangers, on the box we use to keep the branches to our artificial holiday tree.

Rickythulhu, as I often call him on Facebook, was reluctant to come out. Apparently, and as far as I can tell, he may have experienced abuse from former owners or others. It’s difficult to tell what would make him so afraid of people.

But he took quickly to Eccles and me, and in time came out of the closet, literally, to socialize. Ricky is perhaps, in his way, even more social than Rocky was. Ricky has a big, fluffy, fat belly, and allows me to pet, brush, and rub it when just lolling and rolling around on his back. It’s just awesome that he’s so used to us, though he does seem to be afraid of women.

He still will not allow my mother to pet him, though unsurprisingly, isn’t shy about being fed.

When it comes to food, everyone is his buddy, unless, of course, they try to pet him. Then, it’s just me and others designated “safe” in his fluffy mind.

Oh, yes, there is one thing we call him that he was before we got him at PetSmart: Big Fluffy . . . .

. . . . and he is indeed a fluffy one, with tufted ears and markings more typical for the breed (Rocky had more of a black/dark grey color to his fur, though Ricky is more tabby-looking.).

In time, Ricky came to regard Eccles and me as Family, with others more or less tolerated.

Which brings me to the next chapter…


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