Fiction | Eccles: Blogger Cat

Eccles scanned the room carefully for signs of his human’s waking. Still asleep. Good. That would make things easier. He hopped onto the desk chair in front of the laptop, and did what he loved to do.

He tapped the keyboard with his paws, typing quickly, sniffing the air for the scent, and listening for the sounds, of wakefulness as he began another blog entry, so far the only cat in the house who did this regularly. Ricky’s broad, tufted paws were too large for this, plus he didn’t know their human’s login password like Eccles did.

The others would have to be satisfied with tweeting from their own accounts, as Eccles was now a blogging wizard, and his owner’s blogs his favorite creative outlet. Never could he let his human catch on, as that would spell an end to the mischief!

Suddenly, the sound of motion from the bed! Eccles dimmed the screen and logged out quickly, leaping up on the bed and quietly curling up beside his human.

Whew! His human was stirring uneasily from a dream, just that. Eccles relaxed and went to sleep. Eccles didn’t suspect that the dream was that of a smallish tuxedo cat, typing away furiously at a keyboard, a new blog entry making its way onto the Internet . . . .

His human opened an eye only slightly as Eccles slept, and kitty-snores issued forth, a raised eyebrow of suspicion as his eye closed again, and sleep returned.


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